Designing Textiles for a Cause in Sarasota
October 8, 2017

I’m all about love for local businesses and sharing said love whenever I get a chance, so what better way to do just that than to document my local findings right here on the Indigo Palm blog – as Scene in Sarasota!

CROP Juice. It’s a year round favorite here in the Shriver household and sometimes a post weekend bubbly-fest fact that we need to utilize this Sarasota gem more often. CROP has several locations from Gulf Gate to University and Main Street SRQ in between. There’s literally no excuse not to drink up and try some of our favorite flavor blast organic and 100% natural goodies. Green juice you say?? Ha, my 14 year old (who can’t stand to ingest colorful veggies) loves CAKE… yeah, not the kind of cake you’re thinking but the kind that’s loaded with greens and fresh pressed raw juice. I say “let them drink CAKE” and maybe try some cookie dough bites while your at it.

Keep reading for some of my favorite finds at CROP juice and let me know below in the comments what your favorite CROP Juice concoctions are… Oh and don’t forget to check out the CROP Juice Instagram page for some healthy (and colorful) inspiration! 


~ New (BAM!) fav – The Coconut Cult’s young Thai coconut cream yogurt. Packed with a plethora of immune building probiotics and a major player in tingling tastebuds! This is a must try!

~ My go-to Juice – literally, they text me when they are juicing this…. Zen, available seasonally, it’s  made with pineapple juice, blackberries and sage. Yes, sage. Like, totally Zen! I always feel super chill when I’m drinking it.

~ Kokolada Smoothie – Made with coconut water, almond milk, orange juice, young thai coconut meat, banana, pineapple, dates, vanilla and Himalayan sea salt. Fresh and filling!

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